Do you want your receipt? Are you sure?

Many receipts are printed on thermal paper that contains Bisphenol A, or BPA.  Most people have heard of it and know to buy plastic bottles that do not contain it. However, we seldom think about where else it may be hidden.  An example may be, when you are out and make a purchase, you are often handed your receipt.  Most of us don’t think much about it.  The receipt may be coated in the chemical that then gets on your hands and to your mouth, potentially delivering a heavy toxic dose of the stuff.

Bisphenol A is thought to be toxic to the body and may disrupt hormones within the body.  Buying plastic bottles without BPA is a good step but looking for other places where we may be exposed to it may make all the difference.

It is becoming more common for patients to see their doctor and be diagnosed with hormonal imbalances.  This usually results in a prescription.  However, maybe a better first step may be to detox the body, and look for chemicals that may be causing hormonal disruptions, such as chemicals that can act as an endocrine disruptor.  There are many that fit into this category.

Next time you go shopping, before you handle that receipt, think about what is on it, and what it may be doing to your body.  It may be more costly than you think.  Read more about BPA and the absorption through the skin here.


Common chemical toxins can disrupt your body's balance
Common chemical toxins can disrupt your body’s balance

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