Are your vitamins helping or hurting you?

Most people today take vitamins.  Its not secret that the increase in stress, pollution and the decrease in soil quality has created a need to supplement our diets.  Not to mention the addition of refined, fake and chemical foods… but we will save that for another day. They take “vitamins'” but if they are not taking whole food vitamins, they may not be taking a vitamin at all.

Vitamins are good right? Well… maybe.  Most vitamins sold today are not actually waht you think.  Lets take as one example, ascorbic acid.  Vitamin c right?  No… not really.  You see, ascorbic acid is a component of vitamin C but is not the most important or even the largest part.  So which part is most important?  Well that is like asking which part of your watch’s inner mechanics is the one that tells time! 

The body uses vitamins, but in nature, it come in packets.  Think of it as packets of information.  When you take only one part of the packet, the body must pull from other areas in order to make up for the missing information.  So while taking vitamins may be good, all vitamins are not vitamins.  Only whole food sourced vitamins contain complexes.

vitaminsThere have been studies done on whether or not Vit C actually helps with colds and when you are sick.  The studies seem to disprove the effectiveness of Vit C.  Case closed.  Or is it?  Maybe we should be asking…. Did they use Vit C or ascorbic acid?  If the study was done by scientists… they used ascorbic acid.  Ascorbic acid may not be the best choice when you are sick because it acts as a antioxidant.  This may block your body’s ability to actually fight the pathogen.  Once again, we are learning we can’t outsmart Mother Nature.  Scientists use acorbic acid because it has been labeled as the most “active” compenent of the complex, and therefore it was deemed most important.  Whole food vitamins, as they appear in nature, exists as a complex.

This is, again, why we use whole food vitamins.  Only whole food vitamin sources can give your body the complete “packet” of information to nourish and protect your body. 

Going to the store and picking up the cheapest highest powered, super duper amped up horse pill vitamin, may not compare with real vitamins.  An example, we use whole food vitamins from Standard Process.  All organic, and from whole food sources.  Our vitamin C has only 5 mg of ascorbic acid.  If that sat on the shelf next to the discount super brand of “vitamin C” showing 1000mg at half the price… which would you pick?  Ascorbic acid is about 10% of real vitamin C, so if you went with the discount brand, you would not only have only a partial packet of information for your body to use, but you may actually cause an imbalance as your body tries to make up the rest of the packet of information, in order to make it usable!  Wow!  That cheap bottle of high powered “vitamin C” just got too expensive.

Oh, and to make matters worse, many synthetic vitamins are made from chemicals, petroleum products and other things that were never intended to be ingested. 

You try and eat right, get enough rest, maybe you even go out of your way to buy organic…. Do yourself a favor and make sure you are buying real vitamins. Maybe we can help.

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