Food Exposé: Learn The Truth Behind Monsanto

How safe is our food? A sustainable agriculture, that’s what Monsanto says. But the concept should not end here, we have to learn the truth behind the food that we eat and this company.

Pesticides or food

Monsanto is not evil.  It’s just a company. As a company they are only looking to see how they can make money.  That’s their main focus.  “They want to control all the seed in the world!”  Of course they do!  They are a company focused on …. money.

The real problem is our elected politicians who seem to work more for Monsanto than for the people.  Why hide the labeling if it’s safe?  It’s an easy one…. because Monsanto and companies that uses GMO foods would lose money.

It’s up to each of us, to be informed and vote with our dollar.  Monsanto is just a company focused on making a profit.  Why would anybody think its a good idea to allow such a company to be in charge of supplying food?

What’s in our food?

Remember the old adage that there is nothing like a home cooked meal?  Why is that? At home, the focus is not just on taste but also health.  Making sure the best ingredients are used.  At home, you would not forgo healthy ingredients, for chemicals in order to preserve the food. A “real” food, helps keep your bio terrain in balance, nurtured, and supported.  Chemicals and preservatives can cause digestive system imbalance.

yin and yang of food
yin and yang of food

You can not have health by eating chemically induced foods.  You also would have a hard time building a healthy body while eating vegetables soaked in Roundup or BT toxins.  The same applies to animal products where the animals are raised in unhealthy conditions, injected with chemicals, and antibiotics to stay alive or toxins to produce more milk.  How balanced do you think the animal’s bio terrain would be?  How healthy would you be if you lived in such conditions as the animals on commercial farms?

Everyday we have a choice.  We can shop consciously and buy foods that are raised or grown as nature intended, or we can support companies like Monsanto and buy frankenfood.  If an animal is injected with so many chemicals just to keep it alive…. how healthy do you think it will make you?

The question to ask is not why organic foods are so expensive, but why are the frankenfoods are so cheap?  Why does the government support and subsidize these practices?  Do you want to continue to support companies like Monsanto or support the local farmers?

We can argue all day about the evils of companies like Monsanto, but at the end of the day, it’s our money that gives them power.  Educate yourself.  My family and I will vote without dollar.  We try and buy local, and organic.  We try not to buy packaged foods.  Does this mean we will never get sick?  Of course not.  However, eating well, eating real food, and not overloading our bodies with chemicals, preservatives, GMOs and frankenfoods gives us a better chance.  It gives my children a better chance at building  healthy bodies and strong minds.  When your body  or your bio terrain is balanced and nourished, you are healthy. You are less likely to get sick.  The flu, or whatever “bug” is going around, needs an host that is too weak to fight it off in order to grow.  Stay healthy, eat well, rest, and eat real food, and give your body a fighting chance.

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