The US Health Crisis: It’s No Longer a Mystery



Have you read the headlines?  The US health crisis is no longer a mystery. There are always a new study to try and figure out the rapid decline and growing health crisis occurring in the country. Scientists and doctors are doing study after study to try and figure out why we keep getting fatter and sicker, year after year.

Diabetes on the rise, so is cancer, asthma, allergies, weight gain, etc…

Maybe we are looking in the wrong place.  Maybe we are looking for a magic code within our DNA, or seeking a magic super food to give us back our health when we should be looking at we are currently eating instead.


Rise on health concerns

You can not blame new diseases on old food.  The rise in numerous health concerns can not be blamed on foods that we eat.We have eaten for centuries so instead, look at what has changed. What are we eating today that we were not a few decades ago.

The most obvious answer, and the easiest to start with would be sugar (in all its forms) and chemicals.  We consume more than 10x more sugar today than we did at the beginning of the 20th century.  Sugar in its various forms cause a strain on our bodies.  However, another food villain could also be to blame.  Chemicals.  If you eat prepared, bottled, boxes, or bagged foods, you are consuming chemicals.  The chemicals are needed (the need is from the manufacturer side, not consumer) to keep the product looking good.  To keep it from breaking down.  To keep it from spoiling.

Read this short list of chemicals that are banned in other countries but are allowed in the US. This list is not nearly complete.

It can be overwhelming.  If you rely on the latest study to determine what will help you achieve your greatest health, you may find you are chasing your tail, while your health declines.

Here is a simple tip, just eat REAL food.


Do not eat food out of a box.  Do not eat food with a shelf life so long you can hand it down to your children.  Do not eat prepackaged foods.  This may be a big change, but if you start there, you may find you have more energy, age slower, feel better and look healthier than you have in years.



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