Diet drinks have no calories so how can it be bad for you?

Diet drinks

Many people only look at calories when considering what is “good” and “bad” for their body especially in diet drinks.  Calorie counting doesn’t really work; the calculations are for the stored energy to produce heat.  Great for machinery but not so great for the body. Diet drinks

I won’t get into calories at the moment, but I do want to talk about artificial sweeteners.  Here is a simple rule when talking about artificial sweeteners… don’t!  just don’t.  If you believe the marketing guys, and you shouldn’t, its safe and made from all natural sources.  This is a way of misleading people.  All natural sources does not mean safe. Diet drinks

Take for instance sucralose(brand name Splenda). The marketing says its safe because its made from sugar.  Splenda even put up a website (splendatruth) to counter all the evidence of the dangers.  However there is ample evidence to show that all may not be so wonderful with this drug(yes drug… its sure not a food).

Sucralose may inflame the intestinal walls and disrupt the gut ecology.  You have roughly 4-5lbs of bacteria in your intestines.  You can not live without them.  They break down food, keep yeast/fungi from growing out of control, make vitamins, and help keep your body balances and healthy.  However, a study done at Duke university shows there is significant potential risk in to the gut ecology when using sucralose.

Diet drinks can lead to weight gain

Numerous other studies show that artificial sweeteners may actually cause you to gain weight. It’ll make you crave more sweets and carbs. If you are looking for a natural sweetener, try sugar… in moderation.  Americans eat 150-180lbs of sugar per year!  That is ten times (10x) more than we ate a 100 yrs ago.  The funny (funny as in ironic) thing is, science and healthcare professionals are scratching their head and wondering why there is such an increase in diabetes today!  If you can’t do sugar, try stevia.  DO NOT use fructose or agave, or high fructose corn syrup.  I will get into those products another time. Diet drinks

For now, the take away message is simple.  Eat real food.  Your body knows how to deal with food.  Chemicals will never be a substitute for real food.  Refined foods have a similar problem because the refining often adds chemicals, or takes out some of the digestive processes, or kills the nutrition of the food. Diet drinks

This is why we use whole food supplements to correct imbalances.  Science is amazing, and has come a long way, but the body and nature is more amazing.  The nutritional composition of a whole food product is so complex, its impossible to replicate it in the lab. 

Eat well, eat whole foods, and use whole food supplements, rest, work and play.  Skip the chemicals, yes, even the ones that tell you how natural they are. Diet drinks

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