Bio Terrain Explained

I am still getting used to doing video and being comfortable with it.  Here is one such attempt!

In this video, my goal was to simply explain what “Bio Terrain” is and show why it may be more important that understanding germs when it comes to obtaining and maintaining health.

Why do we get sick? What is true Health and Wellness?

In the 1800’s, Louis Pasteur made an important discovery. He discovered germs. He’s considered the father of modern pathology and the father of germ theory. His theory stated that germs causes disease, this is an important breakthrough in science. When you say “theory” because it was not the only theory at the same time is Claude Bernard, he discovered that it was the terrain of the biological make up of the individual that causes disease or discourages disease. Taken Bernard’s theory further was Antoine Bechamp, who said that the Bio-terrain not only encourages or discourages a disease but certain bacteria could morph in that terrain to accommodate the environment and this also causes disease. To maintain your health, you had to maintain balance. In the ancient Chinese they call it Yin Yang. In Chinese medicine we use Yin Yang to explain imbalance within the body or in a better picture of this will  be what we’re using in Chinese medicine between the organs and taste and emotion. This is the picture of the balance that we are trying to achieve.

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