All-Natural Vitamins: Are They Helpful or Harmful to You?

Are these vitamins  helpful or harmful to you? Find out here.

What’s an all-natural vitamins? 

If you take an all-natural vitamin, congratulations on knowing you need to supplement your food intake to meet your daily needs.  However, the vitamins you are taking, may not actually be an all-natural vitamins.  Even if the label says “all-natural”, synthetic vitamins are more common than you may think.

Here is the catch, “all-natural” can mean many different things.  For example, the B vitamins as these are usually made from coal tar.  A coal tar is all-natural, but would you consider it as a food? I guess , you all answered “NO”.

If you read the news, you will probably see study after study contradicting what is “healthy” and what is harmful.  This often comes because of the definition of what an all-natural vitamins are.  Many vitamins sold in bottles are actually isolates, and not whole vitamins.  A good example of this would be ascorbic acid, which is sold as Vitamin C.  The problem is, ascorbic acid is only the protective shell of vitamin C, and not the actual vitamin.  

Most scientists study the effects of Vitamin C on our immune system. But the question is, are they really studying the actual vitamin C or is it ascorbic acid?  Science considers ascorbic acid to be vitamin C and so the distinction if often not made.

Men get thickened arteries on synthetic vitamins (reported in Reuters Health, March, 2000). Men who took 500 mg of synthetic Vitamin C daily over 18 months showed signs of thickening of the arteries.

In fact, taking synthetic vitamins may actually deplete your body of nutrients.  Real vitamins exist in food as a complex, with various co-factors.  For example, you take an isolate, the body must complete the complex and take from other areas of your body such as bones, organs, etc… just to complete the packet.

If you are interested in supplementing your diet, you must take whole food supplements.  Whole food and food based vitamins provide this essential nutrients in their complete form, as it’s found in food.  You can’t build a healthy body on chemicals and only real food supplements can provide what your body needs.

all-natural vitamins

Many doctors believed that you can get your optimum health from the foods that you eat.  However, that has proven no longer true.  In fact, what people ate during the 1920’s,  is now what we considered to be as the organic ones.

Doctors have found plenty of patients that are still deficient in micro-nutrients due to depleted soil and modern farming.  When micro-nutrients and co-factors are not present, your body may not be able to use all the nutrients. Sadly, it is also discovered that modern fruits and vegetables have only a fraction of the vitamins and minerals they used to have.

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